Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Tag and a Microchip: Lost Dog Stories

Dog Tag or Microchip? How about both? Three methods of identification for dogs and cats include the traditional collar and tag with phone number and name of pet, and also tattoos and microchips. Pets need more than one form of ID. Because even if the dog tag and collar come off, the microchip isn't going anywhere, and a shelter or vet can scan it. Even the animal control people can do a limited scan. But remember, the average person doesn't know how to find a microchip or think to look for a tattoo. That's why you need the collar and dog tag too for identification, and to advertise the fact that this dog belongs to somebody who cares. Dogs do get out and wander away, no matter what precautions you employ. An unidentified lost dog has a high likelihood of being taken to a shelter and euthanized. A Los Angeles study showed that 30% of dogs who were euthanized were unidentified. (

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE (and find out how microchips and dog collars can make a difference - you might save your dog's life one day!)

Also, learn about GPS tracking of your dog or cat or car or anything else you'd like to locate if it should ever become lost.

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