Sunday, February 12, 2012

Does Anyone Remember "Mystery Date?" [VIDEO]

My problem, I think, is that I kind of favored the "dud" guy because he was a non-conformist and I could invent any identity I wanted for him whereas the other date boys were rigid stereotypes and locked in - no imagination necessary. I used to piss off my girlfriends by HOPING to get The Dud then I'd create backstories like, "He looks that way because he just came back from Africa after working at the Albert Schweitzer Institute, curing blindness and saving lives by giving free medical care to poor people." And so on. A little imagination can be a dangerous thing. And heck no, I don't even know if there really is an Albert Schweitzer Institute. Sounds about right, though. I'm also the nonconforming child who refused to buy Barbie when she came out because I thought her shape was degrading to women. I think I was on my second or third chemistry set by then.

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