Friday, February 3, 2012

101-yr-old Homeless Lady helped by generous donations

This is exactly what I need, too, but the angels are few and far between. I actually CAN afford the monthly payments on the house where I have lived since I was 17 years old and where I was my mother's sole caregiver for 30 years but my Disability income was not enough to pay property taxes so I am also going to be homeless. 

It will kill me. I use life support and there's no place to plug that in when you lay down on a sidewalk to go to sleep at night.

I am crippled with arthritis and heart failure and COPD and diabetes but I'm going to be taking that act to the street when I lose my mother's home.

I know EXACTLY how this lady feels. And I have no one helping me at the moment.

READ THIS OTHER LADY'S STORY. Maybe you can help her.

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