Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I'm Doing This...

It's a little bit hard to just give up and die although I've thought on numerous occasions how being dead might be ever so much more comfortable (for me) and ever so much more convenient for the paltry few souls left on this planet who care what happens to me. If I was dead, they could just stop worrying.

But, dang it all, I happen to like being alive as miserable and scary as it does get at times. And, I cannot forget what Grandma and Mom always taught me - that the blood of pioneers runs through my veins. And pioneers never give up. Robert Treat Paine, are you listening? I'm still here and it's all your fault.

Current scariness: I feel like death. I feel very weak and frail and ill and it's from heart failure and lung failure and sleep apnea and extreme Vitamin D deficiency. Emptying two bags of canned goods from the local food bank exhausted me and here I sit, recovering. Had to do something. So I'm starting this blog.

Oops. I forgot to mention the diabetes. It's reminding me right now so excuse me while I go get something to eat.

Learn a little something about diabetes here and check out if you are experiencing any of the signs.

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